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        1. 表皮生長因子





          表皮生長因子(Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF))

          Epidermal growth factor (EGF) is a member of a growth factor family characterized by 6 conserved cysteine motifs that form three disulfide bonds. It is a small polypeptide mitogenic for many cell types, thus being broadly used for cell culture. It is also used for maintenance and differentiation of specific stem cells such as neural stem cells. 

          Endotoxin level: <0.002 ng / μg(100 times less than R&D product and 50 times less than Thermo Fisher product)

          Form: lyophilized

          Gene alias: EGF

          Purity: 95%

          Species: human

          Verified Application: cell culture

          Catalog Number:ST-SC-008

          Quantity: 100μg/5x100μg/10x100μg

          Sterility test: negative for bacteria, yeasts, fungi and mycoplasma.

          Storage stability: 6 months at 4 ℃.

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